The decision of the auto concern Daimler to smoothly transfer its entire model line to electric traction promises that in the future the company may stop producing sedans and station wagons. In addition to this, consumer preferences are gradually changing.

At the current IAA Mobility show in Munich, Mercedes-Benz CEO Markus Schaefer told Autocar that the station wagon market is shrinking even in Europe, where this body type has traditionally been highly valued. Consumers are increasingly choosing crossovers and SUVs.

Therefore, the German company does not plan to invest large amounts of funds in the electrification of station wagons, as well as convertibles. The automaker will focus on investing only in commercially successful vehicles.

Earlier, the chief designer of the concern Gorden Wagener told Top Gear that electrification will also condemn traditional sedans because it is not possible to make a vehicle with a classic body both aerodynamically efficient and at the same time attractive in terms of design.

For these reasons, it is highly likely that future Mercedes-Benz passenger cars will combine sedan and hatchback features.


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