Men in Kamensk-Uralsky go to work for the “defense” and the zone for respite from the army

Queues of men who wanted to find a job appeared after September 21 at the defense plants of Kamensk-Uralsky. Since work at a defense enterprise can contribute to obtaining “armor” from the army.

As writes, some quit high-paying jobs in Yekaterinburg and move to small towns with defense plants and low wages. Personnel officers note that they have not seen such a stir yet. In some industries, there has always been a shortage of workers due to low wages.

In addition, significant demand has appeared today for work in IK-47, where even former employees have returned. Partial mobilization in Russia became the reason for the emergence of a labor impulse. After all, those who work at the enterprises of the military-industrial complex have the opportunity to receive a deferment from the army or “booking”. However, not all workers are eligible to receive it. There are additional selection parameters that have not yet been announced.


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