Members of the African Union discussed the industrialization of the continent at a meeting in Niger

© IMAGO/Thomas Koehler/photothek.d/
© IMAGO/Thomas Koehler/photothek.d/

Niamey, 25 November. Members of the African Union (AU) discussed prospects for the development of the industrial potential of the countries of the continent at a meeting in Niger.

The topic of the next AU summit was the issues of industrialization and diversification of the economy. The participants considered topical issues related to the financial development of the region.

According to representatives of the member states of the organization, the mainland has great agricultural potential. Thus, Africa can not only solve the problem of food security, but also find funds to support the industry.

In addition, the parties agreed to develop the pharmaceutical industry. This direction will avoid the active spread of dangerous diseases in the future.

The summit participants came to the conclusion that it is necessary to create conditions for the processing of raw materials extracted on the continent and its further use in factories. The members of the African Union agreed to organize a single investment space, which will greatly facilitate the activities of medium and large businesses.

In addition to economic issues, the parties touched upon the issues of gender inequality and domestic violence. Speakers stressed that women’s universal access to education will increase the number of skilled labor force.

Earlier, the President of Senegal, Macky Sall, said that the African Union would join the G20 in the near future. The leader called for a resolution to the Black Continent paradox, due to which the continent, which has vast agricultural areas, periodically faces food shortages.

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