Melnikov recalled the positive experience of cooperation between the USSR and Africa

Melnikov recalled the positive experience of cooperation between the USSR and Africa

Ivan Melnikov.
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With the help of the Soviet Union, hundreds of thousands of specialists were trained in Africa, more than a hundred educational institutions were created, tens of thousands of Africans received diplomas of higher and secondary specialized education in our country. Ivan Melnikov, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, spoke about this on March 19 during a round table on the topic “Parliamentary support for cooperation in the field of science and education” within the framework of the Russia-Africa International Parliamentary Conference.

The politician noted that starting from the 1990s, a period came when this successful cooperation had to be spoken of in the past tense, then gradually some traditions were restored.

“Like a number of colleagues, I belong to a generation that remembers well the time when the Soviet Union actively developed and strengthened friendship with African countries, including in the scientific and educational sphere,” the deputy noted.

The vice-speaker of the chamber emphasized that after the Council of Europe severed relations with Russia a year ago, one of the first actions on the part of the Russian Federation was the return of the foundations of a sovereign scientific and educational system, the one that at one time made it possible to fly first into space, build around the world the most complex infrastructure facilities, to have advanced medicine, mathematics, physics.

“Research and development leads to new products and industries. They will make an important contribution to solving many economic and social problems facing our countries,” Melnikov addressed the guests from Africa.

Russia has freer hands in the implementation of the updated educational and scientific and technical policy, the parliamentarian explained. He also added that for many years various circumstances actually forced education and science to work according to foreign standards and often in the interests of others, so it is time to change the approach to the situation as a whole.

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