Medvedev: suspension of Russia’s participation in START-3 will have a huge resonance in the world

MOSCOW, 22 Feb – The suspension of Russia’s participation in the START-3 treaty will have a huge resonance in the world and in the United States, while the US conclusions that strategic security and a parallel attempt to destroy Russia are not connected with each other is a gross mistake, wrote Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in his Telegram channel.
“The decision (on the suspension of participation in START), which will have a huge resonance in the world in general and in the United States in particular. After all, the American establishment has so far reasoned something like this: we will spoil you everywhere and in everything, we will supply gigantic volumes of weapons Kiev regime, we will work to defeat Russia, we will limit and destroy you, but strategic security is a separate issue. It is not related to the general context of the relationship between the United States and Russia. It is almost a sacred cow. This conclusion is worse than a crime, – this is a gross mistake of the Americans,” Medvedev wrote.
Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday in a message to the Federal Assembly said that Russia is suspending participation in the Russian-American Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, stressing that the country is not withdrawing from this treaty. He noted that before returning to the discussion, “we must understand for ourselves what countries such as France and Great Britain still claim, and how we will take into account their strategic arsenals, that is, the combined strike potential of the (North Atlantic) alliance” .

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