Medvedev responded to Zelensky’s proposal to confiscate Russian property


    Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said that Kyiv is taking away Russian property on paper, and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are successfully returning the “criminally acquired” property of the Kyiv regime. This is how Mr. Medvedev commented on the proposal of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky to the Verkhovna Rada to approve the decision to confiscate the property of the Russian Federation.

    “They take from us on paper, and we on the ground. And our armed forces are successfully dealing with the issues of confiscation of the criminally acquired property of the Kyiv regime and its return to the suffered residents of Donbass,”— declared Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia.

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    Earlier today, on August 6, Mr. Zelensky proposed to the Ukrainian parliament to approve the decision of the National Security and Defense Council to confiscate Russian property. This was reported by TASS. On August 5, the Ukrainian government approved a presidential decree on the confiscation of 903 Russian assets.

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    Maria Fedotova


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