Medvedev pointed to NATO’s big mistake regarding the nuclear conflict scenario

Medvedev: NATO is mistaken in thinking that a nuclear conflict is impossible

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NATO considers the scenario of a nuclear war impossible, therefore, does not take such a threat seriously, said Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev in an interview RT. According to him, this is the big mistake of the alliance.

Medvedev stressed that if the bloc had treated such a scenario differently, it would not have supplied the Kiev regime with dangerous weapons.

“So, apparently, they believe that a nuclear conflict, or a nuclear apocalypse, is impossible, because it is never possible,” the politician explained.

According to him, NATO is making a mistake, because at some point events can go completely unpredictably.

“And the responsibility will lie entirely with the North Atlantic Alliance,” he concluded.

The deputy chairman of the Security Council pointed out earlier that the likelihood of a nuclear apocalypse depends on the level of deliveries of dangerous weapons to Ukraine. He repeatedly warned that such behavior by the West only leads to a prolongation of the conflict and more victims.


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