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Medvedchuk first entered the list of the richest people in Ukraine

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Konstantin Zhevago, Opposition Platfor, LifePetro Poroshenko, Igor Kolomoisky, Ukraine, World news© RIA Novosti / Alexander Demyanchuk

Forbes Ukraine has updated the list of the richest people in the country, for the first time the head of the political council of the Opposition Platform – For Life party Viktor Medvedchuk was included in it, immediately in 12th place, according to the publication’s website.

Forbes Ukraine in March has already published a rating of the richest people in Ukraine. Since then, the top three richest people have not changed.

“The top eight positions are occupied by billionaires: Rinat Akhmetov ($ 7.6 billion), Victor Pinchuk ($ 2.5 billion), Konstantin Zhivago ($ 2.4 billion), Igor Kolomoisky ($ 1.8 billion), Gennady Bogolyubov ($ 1.7 billion), Alexander and Galina Gerega ($ 1.7 billion), Petro Poroshenko ($ 1.6 billion), Vadim Novinsky ($ 1.4 billion), “the newspaper’s website says.

In total, 76 participants from the first hundred of the Ukrainian list have increased their fortune over the year. The status of the first hundred increased by 42%, to $ 44.5 billion.

“Over the year, the list was updated by 21%, 14 participants were included in the list for the first time. Their total fortune exceeds $ 3 billion. Among the new participants are Viktor Medvedchuk ($ 620 million), Alexander Konotopsky ($ 340 million), Alexander Kosovan ($ 235 million), Katerina Kostereva ( $ 190 million), Nikolay Udyansky ($ 180 million), and others. Another seven participants returned to the rating after the break. Among the absolute newcomers are mainly representatives of the IT and energy industries, “the newspaper reports.

It is clarified that the richest Ukrainians played into the hands of the growth in quotations of key export goods – “oil, steel, wheat, and corn.”

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