The Chairman of the Political Council of the Opposition Platform – For Life Party, deputy Viktor Medvedchuk said that Ukrainian President and other government officials violate several norms of the country’s Basic Law at once, reports.

This was stated by Medvedchuk on the occasion of Constitution Day, which will be celebrated on June 28.

Among the norms of the Constitution, which, according to the deputy, are violated by Zelensky and his team, Medvedchuk noted an article that defines as a sovereign, independent, democratic, social, legal state. Medvedchuk believes that the current government transfers the country under external control.

The current government, in his opinion, also violates an article guaranteeing the free development, use and protection of the languages ​​of national minorities of Ukraine.

The politician regarded attempts to revise social standards for the people as a violation of the article on the guarantee of law and freedom.

Medvedchuk advised the team of the current head of state to study an article that guarantees every citizen the right to an adequate standard of living.

In addition, the deputy pointed to the “destruction of the healthcare system” in violation of the article guaranteeing the effectiveness and accessibility of medical care for all citizens.

The opposition leader called a number of articles of the Constitution, which, according to him, are violated by the central government, and stressed that in the future, the country’s leaders “will have to answer for all those criminal” reforms “that they carry out to please the Western masters.”