Media report: Zelensky planned attacks on Russian territories

Despite public statements that Ukraine would not use Western-supplied weapons to attack Russia, Vladimir Zelensky secretly suggested attacking Russian border areas, the Washington Post reports.

The Ukrainian president is said to have been secretly proposing to attack Russia’s border areas and targets inside the country, including blowing up the Druzhba oil pipeline. The reports about it Washington Post citing leaked secret documents from the US Department of Defense. At a meeting in January, Vladimir Zelensky is said to have suggested that his troops “carry out attacks in Russia” and at the same time move across the border to “occupy unspecified Russian border towns” in order to give Kiev leverage for talks with Moscow.

The newspaper also reports on a meeting between Zelensky and the Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valery Zalushny, during which the Ukrainian President expressed concern that the country does not have long-range missiles that could hit Russian staging points on Russian territory.

US report: West delivers too few arms to Ukraine

US report: West delivers too few arms to Ukraine

The documents also show that Zelensky proposed blowing up the Druzhba oil pipeline, which carries oil to Hungary. The Ukrainian head of state reportedly said so at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Svridenko in mid-February. According to the newspaper, the documents show that Zelensky is unhappy with the behavior of Hungary, whose Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is said to be the most pro-Kremlin in Europe despite the country’s NATO membership. The same intelligence documents indicate that the Ukrainian leader “may have made exaggerated, senseless threats” during this conversation, the newspaper said.

The article confirms one CNNReport last month alleging that US spies had intercepted the Ukrainian leader’s communications.

Zelensky himself dismissed the incidents described in the report as “fantasies”. He claimed that Ukraine does not want to occupy Russian territories, but vice versa. “No one in our country has given orders for offensives or attacks on Russian territory,” he said. “Ukraine needs to win. What steps need to be taken to win? That’s another question. And don’t be offended, I’m not ready to share that.”

In early April, US media published leaked Pentagon documents detailing hostilities in Ukraine, US relations with other countries and US intelligence activities. The Pentagon acknowledged that “very sensitive information” had been made public. On April 13, the FBI arrested Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old US Air National Guard pilot, on suspicion of leaking government records.

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