Media: Kudrin will leave the post of head of the Accounts Chamber and move to Yandex

Chairman of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin may soon take a position at Yandex. This is reported by TASS, RIA Novosti and Reuters. Earlier, The Bell wrote that Mr. Kudrin would meet with President Vladimir Putin to discuss the division of Yandex’s assets.

“Kudrin may indeed soon get another job, we are talking about Yandex. The procedure will be carried out in accordance with the law and in the interests of both the state and the company. In fact, the decision has already been made, and it can be formalized on November 30 or December 14, when the Federation Council will hold plenary meetings,” the source said.

A RIA Novosti source also confirmed that Mr. Kudrin will leave the post of chairman of the Accounts Chamber before the end of 2022.

On November 23, The Bell reported on possible talks between Vladimir Putin and Alexei Kudrin. According to the publication, at the meeting, Mr. Kudrin intends to agree on the reorganization of Yandex’s business, as a result of which his co-founder Arkady Volozh may lose control of the company, and in exchange be given the opportunity to develop a number of its businesses abroad. In addition, Mr. Kudrin may receive a 5% stake in Yandex’s new parent company.

Reuters sources also confirmed that the meeting at which Mr. Putin and Mr. Kudrin discussed Yandex took place. Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said he knew nothing about the talks.

Back in the summer, the media wrote that Alexei Kudrin asked the Russian president to join the Yandex board of directors, and the head of state approved this request. The press service of Yandex then denied this information, while Mr. Kudrin himself did not comment on it.

Milena Kostereva


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