Media: in Tyumen, a tattooed man molested a little girl

    Parking ban at gymnasium 47. Kurgan, school yard, summer, gymnasium 47, school 47, empty school yard

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    A tattooed man molested a little girl in Tyumen in the Tyumenskaya Sloboda microdistrict. This became known to journalists.

    “I approached her and said that she was beautiful. The children left the playground. We will contact the authorities, ” reports, citing a message from local residents. The publication noted that the man looks 30-40 years old, and also has tattoos on his body. In addition, the incident itself took place almost next to the gymnasium.

    In the comments to the publication, readers of the Tyumen edition were divided into two camps. Some people think that compliments are not harassment. “For compliments, they are now trying to accuse them of harassment …,” wrote a reader under the nickname Tranclucator. “Compliments have already become a crime?” asks one of the readers. Others believe that the man did not just try to start a conversation with the child. “What nonsense about compliments they write in the comments? If an incomprehensible man first rubs at the school, and then tries to start a conversation with the girls, then he obviously did not come to hang out compliments! And the police will say that there is no corpus delicti,” the Guest noted.

    The agency sent a request to the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the region, as well as to the department of the Investigative Committee for the Tyumen region. A response is expected.

    Earlier URA.RU wrote that in Tyumen a man molested children and tried to take one of the girls into the bushes. Then the incident happened on Shishkov Street.

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