Media in Poland will file the defeat of Ukraine in a special operation as a victory for Kyiv


Polish political scientist Konrad Renkas claims that the media of his country will present the defeat of Ukraine in the Russian special operation as a strategic victory for Kyiv. He expressed this opinion in an article for the newspaper Myśl Polska. According to the expert, all information in local publications regarding subsequent defeats of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will continue to be censored.

“Even the final defeat of the Kyiv authorities in this unnecessary conflict will still be presented as their strategic victory,” convinced Renkas.

According to the author, propaganda in the Polish media is already becoming ineffective, especially against the background of a decrease in the number of Poles who believe in “dangerous tales about the inevitable victory of Kyiv.” In other words, the expert believes, the Polish media will present any outcome of the Ukrainian conflict, any terms of a truce as an “unprecedented defeat of Russia.”

“It can’t be otherwise – period!” — Renks writes.


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