Media: In Hurghada, all beaches will be closed after a shark attack on a Russian

The authorities of the Red Sea province ordered to close all the beaches of Hurghada due to the death of a Russian citizen after a shark attack, RIA Novosti reports citing an informed source in the provincial administration.

As the “Parliamentary newspaper” wrote, on June 8 it became known about the fatal attack of a shark on a vacationer in Hurghada. Later, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that the deceased was a Russian citizen born in 1999.

In videos posted on social media, the man can be seen swimming, and then begins to make sudden movements and scream. Then a shark’s hump appears in the frame, the water begins to turn red.

Shark attacks on vacationers in Egypt are considered rare, because large sharks prefer deep water and do not swim in shallow water if there is no food, but such cases do occur periodically. Experts call the main reason the human factor – people on boats and boats feed flocks of fish, which are then hunted by sharks.


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