Media: German self-propelled guns sent to Ukraine sunk in mud

Ukrainian soldier in a trench. archive photo

NYT: German self-propelled guns PzH 2000 transferred to the Armed Forces turned out to be unsuitable for use in muddy conditions

MOSCOW, May 3 – RIA Novosti. It turned out that the German PzH 2000 self-propelled howitzers delivered to Kiev were worse adapted to the slush of Ukraine than the Soviet-made Pion artillery systems, which they were supposed to replace. New York Times.

It was previously learned that Germany, together with the Netherlands, allocated 14 Panzerhaubitze 2000 self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine.

Rogov spoke about the situation on the front line in the Zaporozhye region

“Because of its metal, claw-like tracks, the Peony actually performs better in muddy conditions,” the publication says.

The material states that last week it was decided to remove all German self-propelled guns from the battlefield due to their inability to leave the area on their own in case of Russian bombardment. At the same time, a Ukrainian lieutenant complained that one of the howitzers had to be towed when stuck in the mud.

“There will be no counterattack until the weather clears. The cars will be jammed, what will we do if the fire starts?” asks the soldier.

The publication also points out that a very careful attitude towards technology should be taken so as not to damage electronics. “(German self-propelled guns. – Approx. Ed.) Its sensitive electronics fail when exposed to moisture or dirt. Soldiers have to wear special boots or slippers when entering.”

Ukrainian soldiers also complain about the difficulty of maintaining equipment. “If you drop two full ammo, you have to set aside a day to care for them,” one of them said in an interview with the broadcast.

Ukrainian officials, Western generals and the media regularly announce a Ukrainian counter-offensive in the near future. Experts interviewed by RIA Novosti noted that it is impossible to believe the contradictory statements of Kiev and Washington: it could be part of a disinformation campaign.

Chief of Staff General Mark Milley - RIA Novosti, 1920, 05/02/2023

The American general predicted the end of the conflict in Ukraine

Source: Ria

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