Media: EC has developed a new plan to help Ukraine for €8 billion because of the position of Germany


    The European Commission has prepared a new project of financial assistance to Ukraine for €8 billion, reported Politico and Reuters. It had to be developed due to the dissatisfaction of a number of countries with the previous document. President Volodymyr Zelensky the day before, on August 5, criticized the EU for delaying assistance.

    At the end of July, the EU approved assistance to Ukraine in the amount of up to €9 billion. However, so far the European Commission has been able to send a tranche of only €1 billion.

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    Initially, the EC’s plan involved only loan guarantees. However, according to Politico sources, this was opposed by Germany. The German authorities pointed to the already large debt burden of Ukraine and offered to allocate grants to Kyiv. In addition, Berlin noted that, as part of bilateral assistance, it provided Ukraine with a €1 billion grant. Germany’s position influenced Italy and France, which also provided assistance to Kyiv under their own mechanisms.

    The new plan of the EC provides for the allocation of up to € 5 billion in the form of long-term loans under guarantees. The EU will subsidize interest. About €4 billion more will be sent in the form of grants. The European Commission wants to get the approval of the European Parliament and EU countries in September and start payments in October.

    Volodymyr Zelenskyy said earlier that the EU was delaying the allocation of macro-financial assistance to Ukraine in the amount of €8 billion. He expressed the hope that this was a mistake “and it will be corrected.”

    About the situation in Ukraine – in the material “Kommersant” “Court of the last station.”


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