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Media: A new payment method will appear in the Mir card system

Media: A new payment method will appear in the Mir card system

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Card holders “Mir» when making purchases, they will be able to use the QR code generated on the smartphone. New features of the cards of the national payment system are reported News» with reference to the NSPK Bulletin.

According to the publication, banks issuing Mir cards will be able to carry out such operations from October 25. They will become possible after authentication of the cardholder and will allow customers to pay for purchases without presenting a plastic card.

“The holder of the Mir card generates a QR code on his mobile device and presents it for reading by a scanner in a trade enterprise,” the newspaper quotes the press service of the national payment system.

As previously reported, from May 1, the Bank of Russia increased the maximum amount of one transaction in the Faster Payments System (FPS) from 600,000 to 1,000,000 rubles. This allowed Russians to make larger purchases using their mobile phone. According to the Central Bank, today 205 credit institutions have already connected to the service, and the volume of transfers through the FPS increased almost six times last year.

Meanwhile, according to market participants, whose opinion is quoted by Izvestia, a new payment method using a generated QR code on a mobile device will be more convenient than the current method in St. Petersburg. “The buyer will only open the bank’s mobile application and show the QR code to the seller. Now users need to perform an order of magnitude more actions, ”the publication explained.

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