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Matvienko proposed to complete the story with the “eternal” licensing of the Crimean medical institutions


Valentina Matvienko.
© press service of the Federation Council

The Ministry of Health of Russia and Roszdravnadzor need to provide all the necessary assistance to Crimea with obtaining licenses for sanatoriums and health resorts – the transition period here “is time to end.” This was announced on November 28 by Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko at the Regional Health Council under the Chamber of Regions.

Conduct a situation analysis in each municipality

In Crimea, which is classified as a priority geostrategic territory of Russia, enough problems have accumulated in the work of hospitals and health resorts, in the solution of which, according to Valentina Matvienko, “it’s time to put things in order.” Moreover, under the conditions of a special military operation and the annexation of the liberated territories to Russia, the burden on the medicine of the republic, as noted at the meeting, will increase – in particular, it is to Crimea that the flows of patients from the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions go.

As Matviyenko emphasized, the first thing the Government and, above all, the Ministry of Health needs to do is to conduct a clear analysis of the state of healthcare in the region and even in each of its municipalities. And on this basis, prepare a specific action plan to address existing problems. Moreover, it is not only a matter of control over the money allocated to Crimea – Matvienko is sure that it is important to conduct an examination and coordination of all documents, projects and estimates both at the regional and federal levels in a more coordinated manner.

According to the data provided by the speaker, since 2014, more than 360 billion rubles have been allocated to finance healthcare in Crimea. The sources of money are not only the federal and regional budgets, but also the territorial Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, as well as the budget of the Moscow government. And over the next three years, more than 27 billion rubles are planned to be spent on health resorts in Crimea from various sources.

At the same time, 41 medical organizations in Crimea require overhaul, and 43 are understaffed with equipment. Meanwhile, as Valentina Matvienko said, in the near future the task is to bring 52 regional medical organizations to federal standards and regulations.

The deadline has been pushed back five times.

It is clear that Crimea returned to Russia, as Matvienko put it, with a heavy “legacy”, without receiving support from the Kyiv regime for many years. And from this point of view, a lot has been done over the past eight years. Achievements include the construction of 253 medical facilities, the overhaul of 795 facilities (as a result, the share of emergency buildings decreased from 52 to 11 percent), the purchase of about 7,000 units of medical equipment, and the ambulance fleet has been completely renovated.

Minister of Health of Russia Mikhail Murashko emphasized that the Crimean FAPs are a striking contrast between what was and what is – today they are equipped with modern devices and connected to the Internet, although a few years ago some of them did not even have heating and water.

In addition, mobile diagnostic complexes are already operating in Crimea, there are two regional vascular centers and special departments for patients with cardiovascular diseases (in 2014 there were no such departments at all). And over the past three years, three modern centers for outpatient oncological care have been created in Crimea – even photon therapy is available to patients in Crimea.

Recall that a landmark project, initiated and curated by the Federation Council and personally Valentina Matvienko, was the construction of the world’s largest children’s rehabilitation center in Evpatoria. The work was started on June 21, 2022

Meanwhile, and Valentina Matvienko emphasized this, the terms for the transition of licensing medical institutions in Crimea have already been extended five times. And the sixth postponement is not far off, given that only 35 out of 84 regional organizations have a license. Among the reasons for the lack of licenses are delays in construction and repair, delays in the supply of equipment, and non-compliance of premises with sanitary standards. “I ask the Ministry of Health of Russia and Roszdravnadzor to provide the region with all the necessary assistance. It’s time to end the transitional period!” Valentina Matvienko said.

The head of the Ministry of Health Murashko agreed: there is not much time left to close the issues with licenses – only seven months. At the same time, he noted that most of the Crimean organizations were partially licensed. At the same time, those who did not start licensing at all were four medical institutions.

Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergei Aksenov promised to “go through each hospital one by one” and find out what slows down the licensing process. And if this is related to repairs or “construction”, the Crimean leader undertook to resolve the issue of delivering the necessary building materials by the end of the year – now, according to him, there are objective difficulties, including those related to the situation on the Crimean bridge stopping after the terrorist attack.


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