Matvienko called the Russian parliament one of the most democratic in the world

The Russian parliament is one of the most democratic and efficient in the world, distinguished by openness, transparency, and the quality of the laws adopted. This opinion was expressed by the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko. Rossiyskaya Gazeta published her article dedicated to the Day of Russian parliamentarism.

“Despite the fact that the parliament of the Russian Federation is one of the youngest on the planet, in terms of openness and transparency, in terms of the quality of laws adopted, it, I believe, in many respects surpasses the parliaments of other states, including those whose history goes back centuries. So I can say with confidence assert that the Russian parliament is one of the most democratic and efficient in the world”noted Matvienko.

She believes that the effectiveness of the Russian Parliament is based on two components. First of all, it is the ability for constant development, the ability to adequately respond to all new challenges. In second place, Matviyenko put “a truly federal character of democratic representation.” In her opinion, the parliamentary system of Russia takes into account “all the unique features of our vast, largest country in the world”

“And thirdly, we were able to set up and implement fruitful interaction, cooperation with the president and the government, we are working closely together to develop key decisions for the benefit of the people and the state”the speaker emphasized.


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