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Massive IPL on Corona, Arnab Goswami lagging behind Joe Biden in the most searched personality on Google

The Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 has defeated the Coronavirus. Yes, after seeing the list released by Google India, you will also be shocked. Google India has released the list of most searched words on Google in the year 2020. In this list, IPL is at the top in overall case, while Coronavirus is at number two. This list includes the words that people in India have searched the most on Google.

In India, the overall search was done on the third number of US elections. It was followed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s number of farmers’ scheme. The results of Bihar elections at number five and Delhi at number six. At number seven was Dil Bechara and Joe Biden at number eight. Leap Day eighth and Arnab Goswami at number 9. As the IPL overall was the most searched, it also topped the most searched sports in India. However, barring the IPL, other cricket tournaments could not find a place in the top-10.

After the IPL in sports in India, the number two UEFA Champions League was searched. Thereafter searches were conducted for the English Premier League, French Open (tennis tournament), La Liga, Serie A, Australian Open, NBA Basketball League, UEFA Europa League and UEFA Nations League. In the case of news events, the IPL also won. In this category too, the Indian Premier League topped the keyword. That is, the most news search was done in India about IPL.

In this case, the coronavirus was ranked second and the US elections number three. Nirbhaya Case stood at number four. The Beirut blast ranked fifth and lockdown at number six. Clashes between India and China, forest fire in Australia, grasshopper attack and Ram Mandir stood at number seven, eighth and ninth respectively.

Talking about personalities, Joe Biden was first and Arnab Goswami of Republic India was second. Talking of Bollywood, singer Kanika Kapoor was the most searched in the year 2020. Amitabh Bachchan’s number also comes after him. Kanika Corona was Bollywood’s first personality to be infected. There was also a controversy with him that despite being Corona positive, he attended many parties and events.

The whole world is troubled by the coronavirus epidemic. In India too, its outbreak is not taking its name. According to, by 2 pm on December 12, 2020, the figure of corona infects in India has crossed 97 lakh 68 thousand. The number of active cases in this is more than 3 lakh 70 thousand. More than one lakh 41 thousand people have lost their lives due to corona.

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