Marketplaces will predict customer behavior

In the next few years, domestic marketplaces will be able to predict the purchases in favor of which customers will make a choice. This will be possible through the development of analytical models. This forecast was given by Dmitry Ermolaev, CEO of the Moneyplace analytics service.

“We can predict that in the next couple of years, neural networks or predictive analytical models will appear in Russia that analyze the behavior of buyers and further predict what their preference may lead to. And they already offer them to purchase this or that product in advance. These models will begin to be actively used in the first place on the “Ozone”, – declared URA.RU Ermolaev.

He explained that marketplaces will offer discounts on the goods the buyer needs, predicting behavior and satisfying demand. According to Ermolaev, the purchase foresight model first appeared in America five years ago, but no one was seriously involved in its development. Then the Target retail chain read consumer preferences and observed the dynamics of what was happening. For example, if a girl buys coconut moisturizing oil and a bright blanket, then with an 87 percent probability she will soon find out that she is expecting a baby. So the system figured out recurring patterns of behavior and the consequences of their manifestations.

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