Home News Mariupol port will help restore the city – Pushilin

Mariupol port will help restore the city – Pushilin


The Mariupol port is important for the reconstruction of the city, the head of the DPR told reporters on May 18 Denis Pushilin.

According to him, the first shipment in the port of Mariupol can be carried out as early as May this year.

“We make a certain bet on the Mariupol port in terms of the fact that the first shipment is scheduled for May. It is planned to be used as a hub for building materials, because there will be a lot of them. Logistics built through the port is extremely important. The port is undergoing demining, clearing, recruitment of personnel”– said the head of the DPR.

This is especially important, he noted, in the conditions of large-scale destruction in Mariupol.

“More than 60% of houses are to be demolished and others built in their place. With communications, the situation was not so sad. Here the situation is quite manageable, although, of course, there is a lot of work.”Pushilin said.


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