Marine Corps of the Russian Navy will be reinforced with tank units

The formations of the Marine Corps of the Russian Navy are currently being reinforced by tank units. This was announced by Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, Lieutenant-General Viktor Astapov.

“Today, the combat potential of the Marine Corps is increasing due to the constant improvement of the organizational and staffing structure of formations and units by introducing tank units, electronic warfare units and unmanned aircraft into their composition, as well as the supply of new and modernization of equipment models that are in service,” – he said in an interview with the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper in connection with the 317th anniversary of the Russian marines being celebrated on November 27.

According to him, all units of the Marine Corps are equipped with modern weapons and military equipment. At the beginning of 2022, more than 20 upgraded T-80BVM tanks entered service with the Marines.

The formation of new units and units of the Marine Corps is planned against the backdrop of changes in the military-political situation, Astapov said.

“The existing strength of the Marine Corps as a whole ensures the fulfillment of the assigned tasks, but taking into account the change in the military-political situation, it is planned to form new units and subunits,” – he said.

Assessing the role of the Marines in the military operation in Ukraine, Astapov noted that their level of professional training, training, and morale are at the highest level. According to him, during the special military operation, the marines conduct both defensive and offensive actions. Their task is to penetrate behind enemy lines, carry out destructive actions there until the main forces approach.

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