man lost rs 29 lakh in an instagram scam lured to buy an iphone at a huge discount

Be careful when shopping on Instagram. In a scary case that has come to light, a Delhi man lost Rs 29 lakh after falling prey to an Instagram scam. Actually, the victim had bought the iPhone from an Instagram seller. After seeing that the seller had listed the iPhone with a huge discount, the victim struck a deal to buy it. The complainant has been identified as Vikas Katiyar, a resident of Delhi.

Such a person trapped in the trap of fraudsters
The complainant told the police that a few days ago, he visited an Instagram page where the iPhone was being sold at a huge discount, which attracted him to buy it. According to Katiyar, the gang demanded an advance of 30 per cent of the purchase of the phone, ie Rs 28,000. Thereafter, his employees contacted him through several mobile phones and asked for further payment to clear custom holdings and other taxes.

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Even after paying, when the customer did not get any shipment details, he contacted the seller, the seller said that the shipment was held up in customs and demanded some additional money to clear it. After believing the seller’s story, the buyer deposited more money into the seller’s account. This went on for a few weeks until the customer realized that he had been duped.

29 lakh transferred to many accounts
As per the victim’s complaint, he transferred Rs 28,69,850 to multiple accounts, hoping that everything would be fine and he would get the iPhone. The buyer lodged a report with the Cyber ​​Crime Unit of Delhi Police, which is currently probing the matter. The police cautioned people to be cautious while transacting online and verify the legitimacy of the seller before making any payment.

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This example emphasizes the importance of being careful while transacting online with unknown sellers, especially on social networking sites. Before making any payment, it is extremely important to verify the legitimacy of the seller and look for reviews and ratings.

Scammers have used advanced methods to defraud unsuspecting victims in recent years, making online fraud more widespread. To prevent falling prey to such scams, it is important to be aware of the many forms of online fraud and take necessary security measures while transacting online.

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