Man celebrated dead wife s birthday before killing children and self – India Hindi News

The man who committed suicide by taking the lives of four children had celebrated the birthday of his deceased wife Jayshree just hours before this dreadful step. Police officers probing the matter gave this information. Jayshree died of black fungus a few months back.

A 46-year-old ex-serviceman allegedly killed his four children and then committed suicide in Karnataka’s Belagavi district on Friday in grief over his wife, police said on Saturday. According to the police, the man was under stress after his wife’s death from a post-Covid black fungus on July 6.

Officials say that according to preliminary investigation, the ex-serviceman himself drank it after poisoning three daughters aged 19, 16 and 11 and an 8-year-old son on Friday night. Police say that after celebrating the birthday, he mixed poison in water and gave it to the children and then drank it himself.

During the investigation, the police have also found a suicide note, in which the ex-serviceman has blamed himself for the deaths. He has also written that he is leaving 20 thousand rupees for the last rites. After Corona, 41 deaths related to depression have been reported in Karnataka. Only on Saturday, 5 deaths were reported.

When no one came out of the house on Saturday, the neighbors informed the police and relatives. The victim’s cousin said that she had spoken at 9 pm on Friday. The relative said, “He asked me if I had eaten and also said good night. There was no indication that he was going to take such a step. He often used to say that he cannot live without his wife.


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