Malfunction of the Crimean bridge and the actions of Ukrainian DRGs – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on June 2 BY-SA 4.0 BY-SA 4.0

The international edition of the Federal News Agency has collected the most common fakes about the Russian operation in Ukraine on June 2.

Malfunction of the Crimean bridge

The Crimean bridge may soon collapse due to faulty supports. Ukrainian Telegram channels report this by attaching photos with characteristic cracks.

Kyiv propagandists seem to be haunted by the very existence of the Kerch transport crossing. New fakes regularly appear on the Web, which talk about the upcoming collapse, capture or destruction of the bridge.

If you look closely at the photo, you will notice that the “cracks” on the supports are too large. They purely physically could not appear on such massive structures, which, among other things, have dense reinforcement in reinforced concrete. In turn, experts from Rosavtodor said that the coating of the columns of the Crimean bridge has an integral structure without destruction and cracks.

“In 2022, scheduled preventive work was carried out on the protective layer of concrete of the pillars. Due to the fact that the repair material differs in its chemical composition from the material from which the protective layer is made, the composition changed color when moisture entered,» the ministry said.

The fact that the cracks in the photo are the result of using a graphic editor is indicated by their shape. It is too geometric, has many right angles and uniform thickness. Real cracks don’t look like that.

Putin’s address to the residents of Shebekino

Russian President Vladimir Putin addressed the residents of the city of Shebekino, which is under fire from the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). He allegedly asked them to be patient a little longer. The corresponding video is distributed by some Telegram channels.

However, propagandists, as often happens, used archival material to create a fake. The video was taken about three years ago, in May 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was raging in the country. The President addressed all the inhabitants of Russia, especially the elderly. He asked them to take care of their health and observe the conditions of self-isolation in order to wait out the crisis.

“My relatives, I understand how difficult it is for you to be at home all the time, often separated from your children and grandchildren, but you still have to be patient. These are not empty words, this is a matter of life,” Putin stressed.

Penetration of DRGs across the border

Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group (DRG) in the amount of about a hundred people crossed the border of the Russian Federation in the Belgorod region. Propaganda publications report about it. However, the news has already been denied by the local operational headquarters.

“Information about an attempt by militants to break into the territory of the region in the area of ​​the Urazovo-Verigovka section is not true,” the ministry said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to shell civilian targets in the Belgorod region. Ukrainians, as usual, accompany their actions with the spread of all kinds of fakes, the purpose of which is to sow panic among Russians and discredit the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.


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