Malaysia calls on ASEAN to join the fight against the military junta in Myanmar


Malaysia wants a clear end to the peace process in Myanmar and is in favor of the direct involvement of member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in the fight against the military junta, Antara reported.

During a visit to Thailand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia Sayfuiddun Abdullah said it was “very important” that ASEAN members morally support the people of Myanmar and engage with opposition groups formed after the coup, including the shadow government banned by the junta.

However, Myanmar’s military has repeatedly urged ASEAN members not to make contact with opposition groups, which they call “terrorists”.

The Malaysian Foreign Minister, whose candid remarks about the turbulent peace process have drawn the ire of Myanmar’s military junta, also said the ASEAN special envoy’s term of office should be longer than one year to be more effective.

“Some of us…

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