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Almost 60% of British voters believe that since the end of the UK’s EU membership, in the so-called transition period, things have gone wrong.

According to the latest survey by Britain’s largest sociological group YouGov, which surveyed a representative group of 6,174 British adults, 23% of respondents consider the developments after leaving the EU rather bad, 36% – very bad, i.e. in total 59% expressed unfavorable opinion about the period after Brexit.

Recall that the UK left the European Union on January 31, 2020, after a narrow majority of 51.89% was received for Brexit in the summer 2016 referendum on EU membership. Eleven months after leaving the EU, the UK ended the transition period that was provided for in the Brexit Terms Agreement, during which relations between the UK and the EU remained largely unchanged.

Only two percent of the survey participants said they were very satisfied, another 10% were quite satisfied with the processes that took place after Brexit, so only 12% of Britons have a good opinion about the situation after leaving the EU.

Twenty percent think Brexit is “neither good nor bad.”

According to YouGov, even the relative majority of those who voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum consider the developments since the end of the UK’s membership in the EU and the end of the transition period to be bad: 22% of them are “quite bad”, 16% consider development “very bad” events, i.e. 38% are dissatisfied with Brexit.

The share of those who expressed a good opinion about the consequences of Brexit is 24%, but only 5% said they consider the developments after Brexit to be very favorable.

Of those who voted in the referendum to stay in the EU, 82% think the post-Brexit period is pretty bad or very bad, and only 3% are satisfied with what is happening.

This is the second YouGov poll showing that the majority of British voters are unhappy with Brexit.

In a survey conducted by the company last week, participants were asked whether they thought leaving the EU was the right decision or the wrong one. In this earlier poll, 56% of respondents called Brexit a mistake, and only 32% approved of the UK leaving the EU.

YouGov stressed that the share of those who believe Brexit was the wrong decision has never been so high, and the share of those who continue to approve of the exit has never been so low since the 2016 referendum.

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