It is often heard that if Gandhi wanted, the country would not have been divided. But the truth is that Gandhi never wanted the country to be divided.

Ajay Singh

It is often read and heard on social media that Mahatma Gandhi was in favor of the partition of India and Pakistan, but the truth is that this was not the case at all.

The demand for a separate country for Muslims was first raised by Mohammad Iqbal in 1930. Mohammad Iqbal is the same person who wrote the song ‘Saare Jahan Se Achcha’. Later Iqbal and other Muslim fundamentalists under the leadership of Muhammad Ali Jinnah took forward this demand.

When the Third Round Table Conference was held in the year 1933, Rahmat Ali had mentioned that a separate country should be created for the Muslims. After this, Hindu fundamentalists also put forward the point that there should be separate countries for Hindus and Muslims.

On the other hand, Mahatma Gandhi and Congress were not in favor of it and they rejected the proposal of partition of India. After this there were Hindu-Muslim riots in many places in the country. But when elections were held in 1946, Congress got 923 seats and Muslim League got 425 seats.

The seats won by the Muslim League fueled the demand for a separate country: The demand for the creation of Pakistan started gaining momentum after the Muslim League got the lead in the results. The staunch Hindus also wanted the same.

After this Gandhi wrote a letter to Lord Mountbatten, the last Viceroy of India on 5 April 1947 and said that he was ready to make Jinnah the Prime Minister of India, but did not want to partition India.

But media reports mention that Jinnah was afraid that even if he became the PM, he would not get the Hindu vote after the British left. After this the power of India will again go into the hands of Hindus. In such a situation, Jinnah felt that it would be better to create a separate Muslim country.

Jinnah considered Mahatma Gandhi as the leader of Hindus: In Jinnah’s eyes, Mahatma Gandhi was not the leader of the country, Jinnah considered him only the leader of the Hindus. This is the reason why Jinnah stood firm on his demand and Lord Mountbatten persuaded the Congress leaders to create two countries. Mahatma Gandhi came to know about this decision later.

This is the reason that Gandhi did not participate in any celebration of the country’s independence, during which he had gone to stop the riots in Bengal.

That dream of Gandhi remained unfulfilled, in which he wanted to unite the country in one thread. He held 18 meetings with Jinnah, but he was disappointed. His voice of conscience and peace was lost forever in the noise of communalism.

At one time Lord Mountbatten had expressed his desire to become the Governor General of both India and Pakistan, but Jinnah was against this after the consent of the Indian leaders. For this reason Jinnah had said that he would take over the post of Governor General, not the Prime Minister of Pakistan. Jinnah did this so that Lord Mountbatten could not become the Governor General of both the countries. Because if Mountbatten had been the governor general of both countries, Jinnah’s many misadventures, including the Kashmir issue, would have been stopped before it even started.


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