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Maduro announces talks with opposition over upcoming elections in Venezuela


The Venezuelan authorities intend to start a dialogue with opposition representatives in the near future, President Nicolas Maduro said. In particular, according to Mr. Maduro, the parties will discuss the upcoming elections.

“In terms of politics, we have a dialogue with the entire opposition. In the coming days, we will launch a dialogue with all the opposition in order to visualize the future election scenario, in order to move forward on the issue of guarantees that … that the elections will be free, transparent and fair, ”the president said during a press conference (quoted by RIA Novosti).

Earlier, the US Treasury eased sanctions against Venezuela and issued a license allowing the American energy company Chevron and its subsidiaries to produce oil in the Latin American country. Mr. Maduro noted that the agreement that Caracas intends to conclude with Chevron will be beneficial for both parties.

“The agreement that will be signed will be positive and beneficial for both parties – Venezuela will win, Chevron will win, the world will win. You have to agree with me that pulling Venezuela out of the global energy circle was a bad, extremist idea by Donald Trump, and (USA.— “b”) are now paying off,” he said.

In January 2019, Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó declared himself “acting President of Venezuela”. It was recognized by the United States and a number of other countries. In response, President Nicolas Maduro severed diplomatic relations with the United States and expelled American diplomats from Venezuela. In April of that year, Washington stopped buying oil from Caracas.

For more information about the relationship between Venezuela and the United States, see the Kommersant article “Russia is a friend, but oil is more expensive for the country.”

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