Macron’s rating drops to lowest since 2019 amid pension reform

French President Emmanuel Macron’s approval rating continues to decline amid an unpopular pension reform. This is evidenced by the survey data of the French Institute of Public Opinion (Ifop), which leads Le Journal du Dimanche.

The Ifop survey was conducted from 9 to 16 March. The survey involved 1952 people.

According to the latest survey data, only 28% of respondents are satisfied with the work of the French president. This is the lowest level of support since 2019, when the yellow vests protested in France. In February, according to Ifop, Mr. Macron was supported by 32% of respondents, a month before – 34%.

In early January, the French authorities announced their intention to increase the retirement age from 62 to 64 from 2030. This proposal caused large-scale protests, which are still ongoing.

On March 16, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne officially announced the increase in the retirement age. The reform was adopted without approval in the National Assembly, applying Article 49.3 of the Constitution. In response, the opposition did not rule out a vote of no confidence in the government. According to a poll by Toluna Harris Interactive, 71% of French people support a vote of no confidence in the French government and its resignation.

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Lusine Balasyan


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