Macron’s rating drops to 28% amid protests against pension reform

French President Emmanuel Macron’s approval rating has dropped to 28%, according to the radio station. RTL with reference to the results of the BVA survey. 72% of the French are not satisfied with the work of the head of state.

Mr. Macron’s current level of support is the lowest since November 2018 (then, amid the protests of the “yellow jackets”, his rating fell to 26%). The rating of the French Prime Minister Elisabeth Born is kept within the same limits (26%).

The collapse in the level of support for the current leadership of the Fifth Republic occurs against the backdrop of large-scale protests against pension reform. According to the poll, 70% of French people oppose the bill. At the same time, 64% of citizens support public protest actions.

On January 10, Elizabeth Bourne’s cabinet launched a massive pension reform project. The project involves raising the lower retirement age from 62 to 64 years. The government’s initiative provoked large-scale protests in all cities of the country.

On March 16, the government took advantage of Article 49.3 of the Constitution and adopted the relevant law, bypassing its discussion in the lower house of parliament. The protests continued with even greater force (the number of demonstrators exceeded 1 million people). On March 22, the President met with reporters to explain the Cabinet’s decision. The performance was met with marked disappointment.

More about this – in the material “Kommersant” “The main mistake of the president.”

Grigory Leiba


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