Macron called on the West to provide security guarantees to Ukraine – Kommersant

French President Emmanuel Macron said that Western countries should provide security guarantees to Ukraine in order to achieve a reliable and lasting peace. According to him, the allies are “massively arming Ukraine,” but do not include it in any strategic security dialogue. Le Point.

“If we want a reliable and long-term peace, if we want to be a reliable partner for Ukraine, we must give it the means to prevent any new aggression, and we must include it in security architecture agreements. I am in favor of giving Ukraine tangible and reliable security guarantees,” Mr. Macron said at a session of the Globsec security forum in Bratislava.

The French president substantiated his proposal with two reasons, the first of which is: “Ukraine is defending Europe today.” In addition, Mr. Macron said, given the volume of weapons in service with Ukraine, it is in the interests of Europe to provide joint security guarantees in a multilateral format. “We need to be much more ambitious on this issue than we have been before,” he said.

The French Foreign Ministry announced its readiness to sign an agreement with Ukraine aimed at providing it with guarantees on May 23. Shortly before this, The Wall Street Journal wrote that the United States and allies are considering creating an Israeli security model for Ukraine: the supply of weapons and advanced technologies will become a priority, while the country will not be a member of NATO.

On May 29, the Italian edition of la Repubblica reported that Western countries are offering Ukraine to make concessions on the terms of a peaceful settlement of the conflict with Russia. In response, the newspaper wrote, they plan to provide Kyiv with security guarantees, within the framework of which the creation of the NATO-Ukraine Council is possible.

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