Macron called for the internationalization of the euro

Dollar Sign - 1920, 10/22/2021

PARIS, 22 Oct – French President Emmanuel Macron has called for a large internationalization of the euro in order to protect European companies from the “extraterritoriality of the dollar.”
“I especially noted that the euro is an instrument of our trade policy. If we want to protect our companies from the extraterritoriality of the dollar … in Brussels.
The press conference was broadcast on the pages of the Elysee Palace in social networks.
According to Macron, trade issues were also discussed at the summit. “Our trading strategy is tied to our social and climatic goals … Therefore, there must be climatic, social requirements, requirements for equality of competition, compliance with our standards, including sanitary ones. For this reason, we all expressed a desire to start reforming the WTO,” he said he.

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