Lukashenko will accept CSTO assistance in case of invasion of Belarus

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he would not refuse the help of the CSTO in the event of an invasion of the country, but he believes that the republic is able to fight back on its own.

“Of course, we will never mind if, God forbid, this happens. We will not turn down help. But, you know, I think that even in this case we will not have to involve the CSTO. You can’t even imagine how we can answer,” he said, answering a reporter’s question.

“To whom it is necessary, I said: here we will not discuss the problem of a “dirty” or “clean” nuclear bomb. We will respond in such a way that not only Europe will tremble, Lukashenka added.

According to him, not only Belarus will respond to this attack, but also Russia – there are a number of agreements on this issue.

“Our joint grouping of armed forces”, the Belarusian leader explained.

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