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Lukashenko spoke about those who want to return the Belarusians “under the whip” and “put on bast shoes”

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced that they want to return the country under a whip and put on bast shoes, BelTA informs.

Speaking at the opening of the memorial complex on the site of the village of Ola burnt by the Nazi invaders, Lukashenko said he never thought that in a peaceful and independent Belarus it would again be necessary to speak about the need to uphold sovereignty.

According to him, there are a lot of people around who will try to “get involved” in the affairs of Belarus – out of envy or because they don’t like the Belarusian people, which conducts an independent course.

“Once again, we should not allow anyone to put us under the whip and put on bast shoes,” Lukashenko said and urged citizens not to relax.

Earlier, Lukashenko spoke about attempts to arrange a maidan in Belarus and “break the country.”

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