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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has criticized the exclusion of Russians and Belarusians from official international competitions, obstructing the spinelessness of the IOC and personally the President of the Organization of Olympic Champion Thomas Bach.

“Not everything is unacceptable for us. But, again, watch closely: the masks have been dropped. IOC, Bach talking about what we can do. If we can, make a decision. The point today is not in symbols, not in flags, not in hymns. It is important. It’s about the guys who have devoted their lives to sports. They cripple the fate of people.

And Bach is a great sportsman. Does he not understand what it means to deprive an athlete of participation? Besides, for nothing. On level ground. Are they bandits, did they fight somewhere? They went out to the square and shouted: “Let’s go to war, let’s kill”? They didn’t do that. What’s with the athletes?

It’s just pressure in all directions. The main theme is to strangle us and Russia so that they never arise somewhere, so that we are not on this planet, so that our civilization disappears altogether. This won’t happen!” – the Belta agency quotes the head of state.

Thomas Bach. Illustration:

Meanwhile, the sports ministers of the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Slovakia signed a lengthy document – a declaration explaining why Russians and Belarusians “cannot participate in foreign tournaments.”

“Given that at the international level the discussion continues on sanctions against Russia and Belarus in the field of sports, we, as representatives of neighboring countries, are more obliged than others to defend the position of preventing Russia and Belarus from participating in international sports competitions in any form. Based on our historical experience, we are deeply convinced that the relaxation of the ban, which was applied a year ago, would be the wrong signal.

We were surprised and indignant to receive a statement from the International Olympic Committee dated January 25 this year, which contained provisions opening up the opportunity for athletes from Russia and Belarus to return to international sports arenas, including for participation in the next Olympic Games. Given what’s happening, we think the IOC’s proposal is appalling.” — quotes the declaration Inside the Games.

So, respected Alexander Grigorievich is one hundred percent right. There is pressure on Moscow and Minsk in all directions. And, apparently, it will be necessary to bang!

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