Lukashenko said that the development of strike UAVs in Belarus is at a low level

MINSK, 27 Feb – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko declaredthat, although Belarusian military enterprises are working on the production of a line of drones, more modern attack drones are still being made at a low level.
As Sputnik Belarus reported, Lukashenka made such a statement at a meeting on financing the purchase of military products for the needs of law enforcement agencies. In particular, at the event, the head of state recalled his visit to the Obuz-Lesnovsky training ground in October last year, where Belarusian developments of the military industry, including a line of unmanned aerial vehicles, were presented.
“The units of the armed forces successfully demonstrated their combat capabilities as part of that event. But I must say that this is not what is needed today. Or rather, what is needed, but, unfortunately, we are making more modern attack unmanned aerial vehicles at a low level” – quotes the publication of the words of the President.
He added that, mastering the production of unmanned aircraft, Minsk pays great attention to counteracting such weapons. “The radio-electronic means of combating drones developed by Belarusian specialists are in great demand. A robotic complex has been created that combines both means of detecting and firing air targets,” Lukashenko said.
In general, he said that in terms of the development of modern weapons, Belarus does not stand still. “Our army is equipped with the necessary models to adequately respond to emerging challenges and threats. Nevertheless, there is something to strive for. I’m not talking about small arms, some kind of weapon, grenade launchers and so on. We have plenty of this. I’m talking about a more formidable weapon. We must strive for this. We will work on this,” the president said.

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