Lukashenka promised to “tear off the skin” from officials

In Belarus, it is necessary to improve the quality and accessibility of medical care in rural areas. This was announced today, May 23, by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting on topical health issues.

“I will never forgive you for the village. Never! Remember this. First of all, governors. I will tear your skin off, but you will put things in order there!” the Belarusian leader stressed.

At the same time, Lukashenka said that he was most surprised of the problems identified in the healthcare sector.

“I have materials with detailed reports from the expert group and regulatory authorities on my desk. You do not think that I instructed this group – and that’s it. We have reinforced concrete laws that must be respected. And the prosecutor’s office controls the uniform and exact observance of laws in Belarus. We have a powerful controlling body – not only from the authorities, but also from the people – the State Control Committee. And they did not follow in the footsteps, but in parallel looked at the situation in healthcare. And they reported – he said.

According to him, in response to this, the government sent him a reply signed by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.

“But we will deal with him separately. They must have forgotten where they work. This is becoming characteristic of the government in almost all areas. I don’t need replies. This applies to the government and governors, central authorities. And you know, having shoveled these materials more than once, what surprised me the most? The fact that there are still blatant problems of chaos in hospitals, clinics, first aid centers: walls and ceilings are collapsing, doors are slanted, elementary sanitary rules are not observed. Listen, any healthcare facility should be a model of sanitation. And this happens even in pediatric wards. Look, there are kids there! Or are they not your children? Of course, these are not your children. But these are my children! the Belarusian leader stressed.

At the same time, he noted that there are indeed a number of achievements in domestic healthcare, and a lot is being done. However, recently there have been many signals about a decrease in the quality of medical care, and simply about the lack of proper order in healthcare institutions. These facts were studied by an independent working group created on behalf of the head of state.

Recall that Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly stressed the need to improve the healthcare system, especially in rural areas. According to him, this shows “how we treat our people, how we treat our ordinary people, without whom we would not be in this hall.”

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