Lukashenka invited the student to sit in the presidential chair


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting Big conversation with the President - 1920, 02.11.2021

MINSK, 2 Nov – President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko spoke about his work to schoolboy Roman Kogodovsky, who was awarded the order for saving his younger brother during a fire, and also made him sit in the presidential chair in his office at the Palace of Independence in Minsk, the press service of the Belarusian head of state said on Tuesday.
According to the press service, Lukashenka presented state awards to Kogodovsky and medical workers who saved the boy’s life after receiving severe burns at the Palace of Independence on Tuesday. The participants in the ceremony were also invited to an excursion to the Palace of Independence. Together with the boy came his mother Maria Stadolnik, who spent more than 100 days next to him in the hospital, where the student was in serious condition: saving his two-year-old brother from a burning house this spring, a 12-year-old boy received burns on 62% of the body surface and cuts from the broken glass, he underwent 23 operations. The student was awarded the Order For Personal Courage.
“After the awarding ceremony, the head of state gave Roma a separate tour of his office. First of all, the head of state invited the boy to sit in his office chair,” the message says. Lukashenka offered to introduce the boy that he “controls the process.” “Here you have the whole country on this console. You can call anyone now (an official – ed.) … You are from the Minsk region. Here is the governor of the Minsk region, you can instantly find him, invite him here, if necessary. Do not be shy, You’re the president! This is such a workplace, ”Lukashenka said. The President added that officials “do not really want to come here,” because the President needs to report on topical issues, but he sometimes invites them to his office.
According to the press service, Lukashenka also spoke about the photographs on his desk. “This is my youngest (son – ed.) – Kolya. When he was little, even smaller than you, he didn’t sit in this chair. You are the first. Yes, indeed, Roman is the first to sit in the president’s chair,” stressed the Belarusian the president.
Lukashenko also showed Roma how much information the president has to work with every day by showing him a thick folder of various documents. “Here, look. This is what I need to memorize this week,” the president said.
Among the events, the materials for preparation for participation in which the president showed to the student, were negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a meeting on the draft of the updated constitution and a trip to the Mogilev region, where the opening of a new hospital is planned. “You also need to memorize everything. Only in three days … Therefore, if you dare to be president, keep in mind: you have to read a lot. But do not be afraid, it comes with time,” Lukashenka stressed.


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