Lukashenka announced the arrest of 30 accomplices of a suspect in sabotage in Machulishchi

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, speaking with a message to the National Assembly, said that 30 people were detained in the case of sabotage at the Belarusian airfield Machulishchi. They, according to the president, helped the perpetrator of sabotage, who was detained in Belarus in early March.

“It was a brilliant operation. It will be in textbooks. We quickly found this saboteur and everyone who helped him. Today there are 30 bastards in the dungeons,” Alexander Lukashenko said (quoted from BELTA).

He added that the “terrorist” told where the weapon was stored, how it was transported. “Assessing this, I think, after all, this is his work. After all, all countries of the world prepare similar ones. We don’t have those. I swear to you. We do not send anyone anywhere for the purpose of terror,” he added.

On February 26, the Belarusian opposition initiative BYPOL (recognized as terrorist in Belarus) reported that two explosions at the Machulishchi airfield damaged the front and center parts of the Russian A-50 aircraft, as well as its avionics and radar antenna.

On March 7, Alexander Lukashenko said that about five days after the sabotage committed in Machulishchi, “a terrorist and his accomplices” were detained on the territory of Belarus. The Belarusian president claimed that the suspect was a native of Kryvyi Rih with a Russian passport, recruited by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

Later that day, footage was released of the interrogation of allegedly suspected Nikolai Shvets (as he calls himself), who admits to “blew up the plane” on February 26 “with the help of two drones.” When asked about who became the organizer of the sabotage, he answers: “I worked with the SBU.”

Lusine Balasyan


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