Lugansk was visited by the Deputy Chairman of the FNPR

prt scr |  lgikvideo
prt scr | lgikvideo

On March 13, Deputy Head of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia Alexander Shershukov visited Lugansk, where he took part in the working session of the RosLikbez project together with the leadership of trade union organizations of the LPR.

According to the central trade union newspaper “Solidarity”in his speech, the trade union leader noted the positive impact of organizations on social movements in society, the development of the institution of social partnership and the system of social and labor relations.

At the meeting, they discussed the existing problems of the spread of Russian labor legislation in the people’s republics, as well as institutions of social partnership, the delegate said.

It is noted that the participants of the “round table” positively assess the progress of reforms taking place in social and labor relations in the new subjects of the Russian Federation. In addition, a working meeting was held with the heads of trade union organizations on the issues of unification and promotion of the LPR into the Russian legal field, at which the features of the inclusion of trade union structures of the republic in the sectoral trade unions operating on the territory of the Russian Federation were discussed, Shershukov added.


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