Lufthansa did not let the Russians on the plane, accusing them of illegal migration

Russian tourists were denied boarding a plane by the German airline Lufthansa en route to Europe, mistaking them for illegal migrants. The portal reports TourDom.

This flight was on February 7 from Istanbul to San Jose (Costa Rica) with a transit change in Frankfurt am Main, specified in the publication. An employee of the air carrier did not let the Russians on board, accusing them of wanting to illegally enter the United States and stay there. According to him, the tourists allegedly looked like migrants, but he did not provide evidence of his suspicions.

“He accused us that we were going to illegally enter the United States through Mexico. Then he announced that he was banning us: we can no longer fly Lufthansa, but we will receive a full refund from the airline. He said to contact the carrier, gave us a business card. closed the gate 20 minutes ahead of schedule”, passengers from Russia explained.

They do not intend to put up with what happened and will appeal against the actions of the company representative in court. In their opinion, there is discrimination and arbitrariness on the part of Lufthansa.


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