Alexander Rekun/Global Look Press
Alexander Rekun/Global Look Press

The Kyiv authorities do not think about Ukraine, talking about the intention to mobilize a million citizens. This was stated by the Ambassador of the LPR in Moscow, Rodion Miroshnik.

The diplomat noted that several parties are investing in the “war in Ukraine” deal. The United States, Great Britain and other Western countries provide weapons, ammunition and money for survival, and Ukraine supplies “cannon fodder,” Miroshnik stressed.

US President Joe Biden intends to give 40 billion dollars, the G7 countries – 30 billion euros, and Ukraine – one million human lives, he said. According to him, the killed country “does not count”, because no one is going to live there.

Earlier, Miroshnik called for the punishment of foreign mercenaries who are fighting in the Donbass. He noted that the mercenaries came from other countries to kill and earn money.



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