Some fermented milk products only “pretend” to be healthy food, warned dietitian Daria Rusakova.

Sweet yoghurts and curds should be categorized as desserts and not included in the weight loss menu. Sugar in their composition will not only be deposited with extra centimeters at the waist but will also interfere with the proper absorption of calcium from these foods. Sour cream with a fat content of 25% or more should also be excluded from the menu for a healthy diet since it is difficult for the stomach to digest it.

Low-fat dairy products can cause excess weight gain, Rusakova warned. To maintain a natural consistency, manufacturers have to add starch to such products, which can lead to weight gain.

High-protein natural yogurt is considered one of the best options for a healthy breakfast. Whole grains and foods high in protein and fiber are also recommended for the first meal.


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