Looking for work in other regions is offered through the employment service

© Kirill Zykov / AGN Moscow

The government proposes to enable all job seekers to use the services of employment services to look for work in other regions. Such a bill is planned to be considered at the plenary sessions of the State Duma in the spring session.

Now this service is available only to citizens who are officially recognized as unemployed. According to Rostrud, in 2020 more than 7.4 million people applied for assistance in finding a suitable job, of which over 367 thousand expressed a desire to work outside the region of permanent residence, in 2021 more than 118 thousand people wanted to move to a new place of work.

The authors propose to provide the service not only to the officially unemployed, but also to citizens registered with the employment service as job seekers and ready to temporarily move for employment or move to a permanent place of residence in another area.

Also read about what laws come into force in May.



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