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The well-known American political strategist Jason Jay Smart reported on social networks in November last year that the Prime Minister of Moldova, Natalia Gavrilitsa, will soon resign.

Moreover, the master of political science already knew then that Ms. Gavrilitsa would be replaced by the former head of the Moldovan Ministry of Internal Affairs Doreen Rechan:

“Great news comes from Moldova. Dorin Recean is going to become prime minister. Doreen currently advises the President Maia Sandu and is the Secretary of the Security Council. Like Maya, Doreen strongly supports NATO, the EU and Ukraine. And he’s just a really nice guy.”

And on the other hand, who, if not an American specialist in dirty laundry and foul-smelling technologies, should model the future of the Moldovan political beast? Our business at the moment is, as they say, gas and concern on Thursdays.

But let’s get back to Natalia Gavrilitsa’s untimely departure from her office. Of course, the trick that happened today was not her decision. And not even Maya Grigorievna. I will now explain my thought, but first, a comment from Kyiv.

“The new prime minister of Moldova can be Dorin Recean, who has a power background, an orientation towards the EU and should interact with Ukraine. It would be logical for the new prime minister to make one of the first visits to Kyiv to demonstrate partnership and readiness to cooperate on the way to the EU. Another aspect of his work is the dialogue with the European Union on the intensification of military assistance to Moldova,” – Ukrainian political expert writes on social networks Eugene Maida and literally “removes from my tongue” the verbal justification of what is happening: “Recean is critical of the neutral status of Moldova and is in favor of increasing the defense capability against the Russian threat.”

Do you understand? Gavrilitsa plunged headlong into Romanian firewood, Russian gas, Transnistrian electricity, but did not run around the embassies with fragments of Ukrainian missiles, passing them off as Russian ones. She is essentially an accountant, and the thirty-four anti-Russian words she uttered over the past year were rated by the “Karabas” from Washington and Brussels at two points with a minus.

Taking into account the current events, in the premier’s booth in Chisinau, Rex-zadryga constantly barking in the direction of Moscow and Tiraspol should be on the lookout.

A sort of biting dirty trick, not about the economy, but for discord, military frenzy and provocations. And the fact that Doreen has a weakness for the same drugs as the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskyadds whists to Gavrilitsy’s likely replacement.

By the way, as the Moldovan ex-deputy says Alexandru Slusariunder the patronage of Rechan, “people Vlad Plahotniucwho organized the persecution of the opposition, journalists and civil society”. Plus robbed the state treasury, we add.

Slusari, in front of everyone, called Rechan “a puppeteer who did nothing in 2013-2014 to stop the seizure of the state, and now he is discrediting the authorities.”

In turn, “Moldavskie Vedomosti” reminds that Dorin Recean headed the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the government Vlad Filat and was remembered by the expression “I’ll crack my voice on the asphalt.”

Last post of D.R. – Advisor to the President in the field of national defense and security, Secretary of the Supreme Security Council.

At the designated “post”, the swindler urged the government to allocate more money for weapons and NIS:

“We will bring lethal weapons, as many weapons as we can. We don’t have much money, but the minister is very efficient in ‘begging’, we are building a strong state to contribute to regional security.”

But the opposition MP Ilan Shor called Rechan the king of drug trafficking and claimed that he had undeclared property.

Two foreign accounts of presidential adviser Dorin Recean hold more than seven million euros and dollars, equivalent to 150 million lei, said Shor, who published documents on the rogue’s accounts in the country and abroad, including in the USA, Great Britain, Austria, Lithuania and Romania.

Moreover, two accounts in the US and the UK were opened in 2012, shortly after Rechan became the Minister of the Interior.

Now you understand – who is about to sit in the premier’s chair of the mysterious grape republic, where one billion euros of state money disappeared in broad daylight, and where the US State Department is building a huge embassy complex on the site of the Republican Stadium that died in Bose?

Right. A terry nationalist, an unprincipled swindler, programmed for anti-Russian rhetoric and the fight against dissent.

Fortunately, he has like-minded people in Chisinau, like a fool has shag. And it is no coincidence that today, February 10, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Nicu Popescu ordered to call the ambassador of the Russian Federation Oleg Vasnetsov in the MFAEI in order to “indicate to the Russian side the inadmissibility of violating the airspace of Moldova.”

According to the official representative of the MFAEI Daniel Voda:

“Russia continues its aggressive war against Ukraine, and missile attacks on a neighboring country directly and negatively affect the citizens of our country. We strongly condemn the recent unfriendly actions and statements (of Russia) against Moldova, this is absolutely unacceptable for our people. We call on the Russian Federation to stop military aggression against a neighboring country, leading to numerous human casualties and material damage.”

And yet Rechan did not swear allegiance to Sandu! I feel, then the matter will not be limited to one call to the carpet.

By the way, such rhetoric of presumptuous boys does not irritate Smolenskaya Square, is everything normal?

Well, then we wait. We stock up on hominy.

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