London police chief Rowley apologizes to LGBT community for ‘years of oppression’

Head of the British Metropolitan Police Mark Rowley apologized to the LGBT community for the mistakes of the past, which an activist group in London called “homophobic victimization.” About it informs Reuters.

“I apologize to all the communities we have let down for the mistakes of the past and look forward to building a new London Underground that all Londoners can be proud of and have confidence in,” Rowley told the gay rights activist. Peter Tatchell.

Tatchell had previously called on police to apologize for the homophobic persecution of the 1950s, saying discrimination continued for decades even after the decriminalization of LGBT people in 1967. He stressed that if a law enforcement agency says it has changed, it should demonstrate it by apologizing for the mistakes of the past.

Previously, parents of students at a school in Los Angeles got into a fight with LGBT activists because of the desire to impose non-traditional values ​​on children.


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