Ambassador of the Luhansk People’s Republic in Russia Rodion Miroshnik reacted to the statement of the head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry Alexei Reznikov about Kyiv’s intention to mobilize 1 million people.

The LPR diplomat published his opinion on this matter in his own Telegram channel. According to him, in this way the Kyiv regime is paying for military assistance from the West.

“The United States and allies have raised the stakes in the deal, Kyiv needs to raise its part – 1 million soldiers! The deal called “war in Ukraine” was invested from several sides – the US & UK and co. they give weapons, ammunition and money for survival, and Ukraine invests in “living goods” – it will supply cannon fodder, ”writes Miroshnik.

He stated that Ukraine is offering one million human lives in exchange for the promised $40 billion from the United States, and €30 billion from the G7 countries.

“A killed and destroyed country does not count, none of them are going to live there anyway,” the LPR ambassador concluded.

As reported EADailyon the eve of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexey Reznikov said that Kyiv wants to mobilize a million people.


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