Lives for Power: Transgender Children Suffer as LGBT People Are Politicized


I think many of us have heard of transgender people, people who have gone through hormone therapy and surgery to change their gender. Now more and more transgender people in the West are trying to get their old body back. The most shocking thing for me was that many of them were teenagers.

To be honest, I always thought that transgender transition, namely surgery and hormone therapy, was only allowed after the age of majority. I recently found out that I was wrong. In the US and European countries, even children are allowed to be transgender. For example, in the UK there are cases of prescribing hormone therapy to 9-year-old children.

Nevertheless, it is teenagers who most often want to change their gender. Some of the children who opted for hormonal drugs and surgery reported that they did not like their appearance or had problems communicating with their peers. They thought changing gender would solve their problems. After a while, they began to regret their decision. Now these teenagers are making the transition back and hoping to get back their old body without health consequences, and there could be many of them.

To start the operation. By themselves, they can be very dangerous. Hormones can also affect our health, not only physical, but also psychological. Hormones have a huge impact on the body, especially the growing body of children and adolescents. Hormones change the structure of bones and can make them brittle. Hormones also affect the nervous system and can make the psyche unstable. Researchers report suicide attempts in people undergoing hormone therapy.

This raises the question of why society allows children to go through all this. On the one hand, formally, children cannot make decisions about the hormonal transition on their own, at least not yet. In Sweden, for example, a bill is being discussed to allow children from the age of 16 to change their gender in documents. Now they can do it only from the age of 18. Previously, they wanted to reduce this age to 12 years, but abandoned this idea due to criticism. Who knows, maybe in the future children will be allowed to undergo hormone therapy and surgery without the consent of their parents and guardians.

On the other hand, medical professionals who specialize in transgender transitions actively encourage children and their parents to take action. According to studies, children do not undergo proper examination by a psychologist and they are almost immediately prescribed hormone therapy. Parents of children most often agree to this out of fear that their children will hurt themselves if they are denied.

Over the past few years, the number of transgender transitions has increased several thousand times. Teenagers who have transitioned claim to have been heavily influenced by online transgender communities. It was they who gave them the idea that changing their gender would solve their problems. I think it’s obvious that quite often teenagers have problems with their peers, or do not accept their appearance. It `s naturally. However, instead of sending children who decide to make the transition to a psychologist, they immediately begin to inject hormones.

I think that children and teenagers may not be fully aware of the consequences of the transgender transition, and they do not always need this transition, but a little care and understanding. Now Western politicians are brazenly exploiting the LGBT theme and are making more and more promises of freedom for members of the LGBT community, including minors. Recall the bill that is currently being discussed in Sweden. It even sounds strange, given that minors are prohibited from buying alcohol or driving a car, but at the same time they are allowed to change their gender in documents. I think that Western politicians should at least sometimes think about the welfare of their citizens, and not about their own, and prevent situations where children can commit rash acts, the consequences of which will haunt them all their lives.


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